Subject : Gill Reade

Gill Reid an ex. Lecturer in English now in her late 60s has Parkinson's Disease.
When we observe some one with this disease all we see are it’s debilitating symptoms; involuntary movements, trembling and general lack of composure.
What we don’t see or perceive is what it is like to have this disease and suffer its effects.
To try to convey something of this I have taken stills which on one level removes all of her symptoms but I have printed these frozen images on irregular and thoroughly unpredictable printable surfaces or ones which reflect back onto themselves creating multiple versions which read and convey the movement which was lost in freezing the shot.
Each image has been prepared in the darkroom with a specific poem written by Jill in mind and these will be presented together as large format posters or banners and are meant to be read as a continuous set of poems and images.

This work with Gill and Parkinson’s compliments a set created for the 2006 Brighton Photo Biennial where the subject was Mervyn a Stroke sufferer.