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I always envisaged these images with Gills poems; in fact they were devised and created especially for them.

I have arrived at these posters through a kind of “ matching process”:

I began with the poems, then the decision;

What kind of handling might best express the poems theme best,


Gills facial expression and body language on the negative to be use.

So the posters are a complex amalgam of all three stages but only in this order:

1st. Gills words, 2nd, the handling and 3rd, the negative selection.

These posters give an insight into what it is like to have a life, perception and emotion changing condition such as Parkinsons or a stroke. I have created these because I wish to share with others, something of what I have been able to envisage other than the exclusive and fragile artwork itself. Plus I feel they also could have an educational roll as well.All of them can be purchased individually or in sets:

A6 size (pocket) £5-00 or £1-00 each

A4 size £12-00 or £2-00 each

A1 size £90-00 or £15-00 each A0 size £240-00 or £40-00 each

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