Subject : Mervyn Douglas

I knew Mervyn before he had a catastrophic stroke paralysing his entire left side.
He advised me on the technical properties of art related materials which I used to create art and scientific installations.
As he gradually returned to work her described his perceptual and emotional recovery and these were so graphic and detailed that I asked him if we could collaborate and make a series of free form photographs.

The images in the posters above are the result.

To my mind it was only when his words were added, creating the posters that the true impact of such a “life changing” event becomes possible for us to grasp.
Both the original images and the posers were created and shown at the 2006 Brighton Biennial photo Fringe.
From there they went to the Et. Cetera Gallery in London and since then they have been divided between the Stroke Association’s of City Road London and the Scottish headquarters in Edinburgh.

They will be united for annual British Stroke Association conference in Harrogate later in the year.

Mini pocket size versions have been created to help those who look after and care for family or friends who have suffered strokes.