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The human face and body has remained my primary subject. I began in drawing, copying the styles of the Italian renaissance masters revelling in drapery immersed in dark pools of shadow and I find that even now I am inexorably drawn to that kind of aesthetic: a cursory glance at the recent portraits above will confirm this persistence.

It is the feeling of being confronted by the subject, of their almost “actual” presence which grabs and then holds my attention; as if I stretched out my hand and touched them they would actually“flinch”!

This kind of penetrating psychological portrayal was achieved through various optical and observational techniques then recorded, using their phenomenal dexterity, translated into imagery with stylus or pigment.

What I use in my kind of imagery are light sensitive emulsions printed onto sculpted “free form” light sensitive papers.

Like the old masters each one of my photographs is unique, completely hand built and like them each panel or free standing piece is specifically designed to compliment the sitters character and this is what makes them resonate so fully with the Renaissance masters of the West.

The details relating to each work will give you an idea of the size of each work and it’s likely price should you wished to commission one.

All of these portraits are what is termed “bravura”. they are brought together in a single complex moment of creation and it is this dynamic “singularity” which gives the works a strength and power well beyond that of conventional photographic portrayal.